How to Start Apple Cider Vinegar Manufacturing Business Plant?

Start Apple Cider Vinegar Manufacturing Business Plant

In our daily life, whatever food we eat and drink many harmful bacteria and virus gets in our body unknowingly. Due to this bacteria and virus, our body gets affected and become weak. There are many food items which kills all the bad bacteria and improve our immunity.

In this article, after knowing the demand and importance of apple cider vinegar. Lets know some of the basic information on how to start apple cider vinegar manufacturing business? like investment, machines, process, profit margin, etc.

Apple cider vinegar has the highest demand in the market out of all other vinegar. The number one reason it is very popular among the people is due to its health benefits like controlling your diabetes, improve your blood circulation and remove all the skin problems.


While starting any business, you must know all the machineries and equipment and the cost to take the proper decision. The list of the machines required are:

  • Fruit Washer
  • Slicer Machine
  • Peeler
  • Apple Grinder
  • Juice Extractor(Belt Press or Hydraulic press type)
  • Decanter Centrifuge
  • Ultrafiltration Units
  • UV Bottle Sterilization Machine
  • Filling and Capping Machine


  • Sorting Conveyors
  • Fermentation Tanks
  • Collection Tanks
  • Storage Tanks
  • Knifes and Cutters
  • Other Handling Equipment


To start this business, first you have to buy the apples from the local market or directly from the farmers. Then the fresh apples are sorted using the sorting machine. Then you have to sort them according to the grades. Next process is washing of apples using clean water thoroughly.

When apples are cleaned, they are sliced into small pieces using the slicer machine. Then this sliced apples are crushed using the crushers. The apple juice which is removed from the crusher are then filter due to which pulp, stones and other unwanted matter gets separated from the juice.

The yeast is added to the apple juice in the specific volume so that the yeast will convert the sugar present in the juice into cider. The process of fermentation takes some time so the mixture is kept in the storage tanks under specific temperature and moisture condition. During the fermentation process, the juice is regularly checked and all the conditions are monitored to get the better taste.

Then the sediments are separated by filtering the cider. Then the cider is converted into vinegar using the same fermentation process which is a natural process. Cider is stored in the fermentation tanks under specific temperature and humidity conditions. When the fermentation is completed, then the sample vinegar is taken to quality inspection. When the batch passes the test then the vinegar are packed into the sterilize jar and supply in the market with brand name and logo.

Area Requirement

If you want to start apple cider vinegar manufacturing business on a small scale, then the area requirement will be approx. 4000 to 4500 Sq.ft of land. For large scale plant, you need approx. 15000 to 18000 Sq.ft of land. The figure may changes according to the project size and capacity.


If you want to add all the cost of machines, you will approx. 70 lakhs rupees to get all the machineries from the market. If you want to increase the plant size and capacity, then the investment may rise to 2 crore to 3 crore rupees. There are many size and types of machines available in the market like the fully automatic or semi automatic.

Power Requirement

For the complete apple cider vinegar processing plant, the power requirement is approx. 50 kW of load. For large scale plant, you will require approx. 100 kW of electric load.


If you add operator, skilled and unskilled works, then you will approx. 25 to 20 manpower for the smooth functioning of the plant. For packaging and quality inspection, you can also hire female workers as well.

Return on Investment

If your plants production capacity is approx. 150 litres per day and your product market rate is approx. 400 rupees per litre. After removing the cost of the raw materials which will be approx. one lakhs rupees and other expenses, you can easily earn 8000 to 10000 rupees per day. On a monthly basic, you can easily earn 2 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs per month.

License Required

  • GST
  • Factory License
  • NOC from PCB

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