How to Start PET Bottle Manufacturing Business?

PET bottles are mainly used to store and pack most of the food products like oil, water, juice, milk shakes, etc. You can start this business and start your journey to become the entrepreneur successfully. In this article, we will share all the information regarding how to start PET bottle manufacturing business in India? like investment, machineries, profit margin, raw materials, etc.

In this fast changing lives, many people are adapting new lifestyles and are using new and modern things which make their life better. In this hectic life, people don’t have time for themselves and they have to spend most of their time outside like in the offices, malls, trains, buses, cars, etc.

As the lifestyle of the people of the world is growing, their are many industries which are supports their way of life by supplying the product to meet the demands. One of the fast growing industry is PET or plastic bottle manufacturing industry. In recent years, you can see a huge spike in demand and consumption of the plastic bottles.

Raw Materials

If you are thinking of making the plastic bottle from scratch then you may be reinventing the wheel. Most of the PET bottle manufacturing business industry buy preform and then mould them to the plastic bottles of the shape which is demanded by the clients. Some of the raw materials which you will need are:


To make PET bottle, first you have to mount the PET perform on the blow moulding machine and then close the mould machine. Now, start the blow moulding process. The heaters which is preset in the machine will heat the perform in seconds. Next the machine will use the air compressor. The compressed air is blown into the mouth of the heated perform due to which preform will take shape of the mould.

Mould helps in the shaping of the plastic bottles. Then the bottles are cool down to the room temperature and now the bottle body is ready for the next step. Now you can do the capping process manually or mechanically. If you have the packaging machine, then you can print the logo and trademark of the clients and sell the product to the clients or in the market.

Land and Building

You don’t require a huge amount of land to start this business, if you want to start PET bottle manufacturing business in your home, then this business if for you. You just require 1000 to 1500 Sq.ft of land for all the machineries and the electricity installation. The area also depend on the capacity and the machine types for the plants.

Machinery and Equipment

If you have your own land and building then you don’t need any extra machines to start PET bottle manufacturing business. Some of the machines and equipment are:

  • Blow Moulding machine or Injecting Moulding machine
  • Printing Machine
  • Packaging Machine
  • Electrical Installation
  • Power Panel
  • DG Set
  • Furniture and Fixtures for Office.


This is a small scale home based business so you just require 15 to 20 kW of electric load for this business. If you want to start this business in your home, then you have to make machineries and equipment like blow moulding machine and printing machine which works on home supply.


You can start this business easily with 5 to 6 workers which can include skilled, unskilled, operator, sales manager and admin.

Investment and Profit Margin

All the industrial machines will cost you approx. nine lakhs rupees plus GST. The investment can vary with the number of machines and types like automatic or semi-automatic. Automatic machines are costlier than semi-automatic machines. If you want to talk about monthly turnover, then suppose you are using on 100% capacity and working 8 hours per shift and making 8000 bottles of 100ml, then you can easily sale four to five lakhs rupees per month.

If you remove all the machinery, admin, sales, raw materials and other expenses, then you can easily earn 70,000 to 1,00,000 per month. The gross margin in pet bottle making business is 15% to 18%. All these figures also depends upon the size, investment and capacity.

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