How to Start Cardboard Box Making Business?

Start Cardboard Box Making BusinessРCardboard box are used in the packaging of every industrial goods. They are light and strong and can absorb most of the shocks which can cause the product inside it to damage. Corrugated Box or cardboard box is made up of paper and has three layers, one in front, one in back and one in middle which is like a web.

The demand of these boxes are increasing in the market as they are durable, strong and light due to which the products which are inside are safe and are eco-friendly in nature. The box are used in any industry for packaging of raw materials or the final products. These corrugated boxes are used in the delivery to transfer products from one place to another. So starting cardboard box making business can be a very profitable business for you.

Why to start cardboard box making business?

If you want to start a business which requires a low cost and the demand of your product will increase in the coming years then this business is best for you. All the business have to pack their final products so as to keep them safe in transportation and one of the best method which is replacing all other mediums are corrugate box.

The apple industry, mango industry and other fruits industries started using cardboard boxes in place of the wooden boxes to lower the cost and make the packaging more beautiful and attractive for the customers. Many poultry and farmers are using this box to supply their products to the supermarket or the daily retails shop to attract more customers.

In this article, lets know the investment requirement, process, machineries and equipment, man power, etc to start corrugated box making business in India.

How to Start Cardboard Box Making Business
How to Start Cardboard Box Making Business?

Machineries and Equipment

In this business, you can decide the machine type for your plant i.e the fully automatic machine or the semi automatic machine. If you want to start this business using the semi automatic machineries then the machines which you will required are as follows,

  • Sheet Cutting Machine
  • Creasing Machine
  • Bending Machine
  • Corner Cutting Machine
  • Stapling Machine
  • Printing Machine

Raw Materials

You don’t require a large amount to invest in the raw materials to start this business. The basic raw materials which you require to start this business are:

  • Craft Paper Sheet
  • Plastic Glue
  • Water

Manufacturing Process

The Process of the corrugated boxes depend on the clients requirement and the size of the box like 2,3,5,9 ply sizes. In this process, two craft paper sheets are inserted into the corrugated machine and works simultaneously. Then these two paper are glued with the help of heated fluted rolls.

The sheet which is made using this process is called two ply sheets. The roll is the cut using the sheet cutting machine. Now, the cardboard sheet are passed through the pasting machine which glue the corrugated sides to the third ply sheets. You can change the thickness of the corrugated box according to the clients requirements.

After making of corrugated paper, the construction of corrugated box takes place which includes the rotatory cutting and creasing machine which cut and crease the paper. Then using the sorting machine, the slot are sorted and stitched using the stitching machine. If require, you can staple the corners using the staple machine.

When the corrugated box are ready then you can print the clients logo and content using the printing machine. Now, your product is ready to sell in the market or directly to the clients.

Investment requirement

If you are using semi-automatic machineries, then the total investment you will require is approx. 20 to 25 lakhs Rupees and using fully automatic machines, then the investment requirement will be approx. 50 to 55 Lakhs Rupees.

Profit Margin

If you are using the 100% capacity of your semi automatic plant then you can make approx. 5000 to 5500 corrugated box per day and using fully automatic plant you can make approx. 50000 to 10000 corrugated boxes per day.

Man Power

You can start this business with just 10 to 15 workers which include skilled, unskilled, operator, admin and sales manager.


Approx. 35 kW of Electric load is required for this business.

Area Requirement

Semi Automatic plant- 5000 Sq.ft of land

Fully Automatic plant- 2500 to 3000 Sq.ft of land

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License Requirement

  • GST
  • NOC from Fire and Safety Department

Schemes Applicable

  • Mudra
  • Standup India

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