How to Start Paper Cup Making Business Idea?

In today’s world, every industry is getting depending on modern technologies. It is right to depend on modern technologies because of the competition and other factors, it is quite hard to survive in the competitive environment. We are referring modern technologies to the new machinery, which are made with the new methods which can do work more effectively and efficiently.

Machine can do big work in the short span of time. Especially all the new methods and machinery are used more in paper cup manufacturing industries. In this article, we will tell your all about how to start paper cup making business idea? and how to use modern technologies to make the process simple to follow.

In this article, we will discuss all about modern technologies used in paper cup manufacturing industries? What are the speciality in these machines? and How to setup paper cups manufacturing business idea?

Start Paper Cup Making Business Idea
Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

How to start paper cup manufacturing business ideas?

Raw materials

Raw materials which you require to use to start your paper cup making business are

  • Paper cup blanks
  • Paper cup bottoms

Process and Machines

To make the paper cup, the first thing you need to do is to feed the raw material to the paper cup making machine. Put the paper blanks to the holder which is given in the left side bar. The bar also contain sensor to detect the paper blanks. If the paper blanks are not present on the bar, then the machine will not start. There will be no wastage of the product.

The control panel of the machine is given at the front end because when a employee is working and need to change the settings, then he/she may do it directly without leaving their postition.

The paper cups making machine will take the paper blanks one by one and make them in the form of circle and seal the corners to look like a cup. In this process, the cup wall are made so that to attach cup bottoms in next process.

In next step, the paper cup making machine attach the bottom with the walls. To attach the bottom, the machine heat the cup at the specific degree. When the cup gets heated, it is attached to the bottom and send further to curate the cups. The curing of cups make them hard to withstand some weights. After the curing process, the cups are ready to the packaging and you can sell them to market.

Investment needed to start paper cup manufacturing business ideas

Area and Building

To start the paper cup making business with the help of fully automated machines, you require an area of approx. 500 to 700 Sq ft.

Plant and Machinery

The cost of the machine which make the paper cups with new technologies and methods is approx. seven lakhs rupees and GST.

Additional investments

If we talk about extra investment cost, then you require electric panels, switches, BG sets as standard arrangement of power, furniture for your offices,

Power requirement

Let’s talk about the electricty requirement, to start the paper cup making business idea, you need the load of approx. four to five KW.


You can setup the manufacturing business with just five to six person easily. Anyone can do the business with little training. Positions which are required are operator, skilled, unskilled, admin and sales manager.

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Expected turnover

If we talk about monthly turnover. If you are running a paper cup manufacturing business and using 100% capacity daily for eight hours shift. According to the figures and calculations, you can easily make a sale of 2.5 to 3 lakhs sale per month.

Monthly Profits

If you want to deduct the expense of the factory, sales and admin manager salary, and other employee salaries, then you can earn approx. 40,000 to 45,000 per month from paper cup manufacturing business. All the figures may vary as it depends upon the number of machine, size of your company, number of the employees.

License for paper cup making business ideas

You don’t require many licence to start your paper cup manufacturing business. You can start this business using GST and UDYAM.

Government scheme applicable

Some of the schemes in which you can apply to the benefits of government are Mudra and PMEGP.

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