How to Start Daliya Processing Business?

Start Daliya Processing Business– The demand of daliya is increasing day by day as it it the first choice of the Doctors and Gym trainers as it is easy to digest for all patience and have very few amount of calories. There are many benefits and advantages of eating daliya in our body due to which many doctors prescribe their patients to this food item. In this article, we will tell you the process, investment, machineries, etc to start Daliya processing business in your area in India.

Many homes in India use Wheat in their daily food items in the form of Chapati, or flour to mix in various recipes. Daliya is also made from this wheat which is very beneficial to your health. The most common name of Daliya which is known by today’s generation is oats. People like to eat oats in morning as a light breakfast which is loaded with lots of nutrients and minerals essential for our body.

What is Daliya?

Daliya is the product of wheat which is rich in fibre and easy to digest for even patients or those who are not feeling well. Daliya is the Hindi term of oats. If you know the benefits of eating oats then you don’t need any further education on the nutrients value of Daliya.

Raw Materials

You don’t need any raw materials other than the wheat itself and the packaging materials to pack, transport and sell in the market.


First you have to buy a good quality wheat from the farmers or the local market in bulk quantity and store them in your storage unit. Make sure to wash the storage unit and do all the pesticide work before filling the storage house. Then according to the demand and the market requirement, wheat is brought from the storage house to the main factory.

When the wheat is brought to the factory the first step is washing manually, you don’t need any machineries to wash the wheat, you can do the process manually. Wash the wheat with water thoroughly and leave in the water for five to six hours and then dry them in the sunlight.

When the wheat is completely dried then it is put in the daliya making machine in which the grinder grinds the whole wheat and then the grind wheat is made and sorted into daliya small grains and big grains using separation process. According to the weight, then the amount of daliya is packed and sell in the market.

Area Requirement to Start Daliya Processing Business

To start this unit in a small scale project, you require an area of approx. 800 to 1200 Sq.ft of area. You don’t require a large amount of land to start this project as all the work is done manually and don’t require space for machineries and equipment. For large scale unit, you require 2500 to 3000 Sq.ft of land. Your area requirement also depends on the investment and project size.

Machineries and Equipment

Some of the machineries and equipment which you required for this business is as follows:

  • Daliya Making Machine
  • Packing Machine
  • Printing Machine
  • Storage containers
  • Separation Unit

Investment requirement

This business is low cost high profit idea which can be done by any individual. You don’t any technical knowledge or degree to start this business. This is a household business and women can also be a part in this project. The investment requirement for this business is just one lakh rupees. This number depends on the machine type i.e semi-automatic or fully automatic plant.

Power Requirement

For starting this business on a small scale, you will require a load of approx. 3 to 5 kW electricity. This figure also depend the types of machineries and plant area.


You can start this business with minimum 5 to 6 worker which includes skilled, unskilled, operator, admin and sales manager.

Expected Monthly Turnover and Profits

Now, the main question which comes in every ones mind before starting the business is the profit margin and investment. Lets talk about the expected monthly turnover, if you are working the plant on 100% capacity at 8 hours shift then you can expect the sales of 2.5 to 3 lakhs rupees per month. You can easily earn a profit of 50,000 to 60,000 after removing all the expenses like raw materials, labour cost and electricity cost.

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