How to Start E-Waste Recycling Business?

E-waste or electronics waste are nothing but the electronic products which we use them and then dump or discard them once they broke or become outdated. Many startups are using this opportunity to dismantle the products and make profits. If you are thinking of a business plan in low investment but have a high profits, then you can start E-waste recycling business.

As the industries are growing rapidly, the technology and methods are also changing and becoming more efficient. In such times, the equipment which we use today becomes outdated and make their way to trash and landfill. Due to this, old electronic component and waste which we called as e-waste has become a problem for many countries.

In this article, lets talk about any innovative business idea which is e-waste recycling business. Yes, you heard that right, you can recycle the electronics components. Factors which we are going to cover in this article is investment, profit margins, power requirements, process, man power, schemes and licenses.

Demand of e-waste recycling business

India is the third largest producer of e-waste in the year 2019-20. As the population and people are becoming more aware of the latest technologies, e-waste is also growing in our country. So starting a recycling business of the product which is abundant can be very profitable business.

Raw Materials

Anything which is made up of electronic component which have capacitors, conductors, resistors, etc, can be raw materials for this business. Some of the e-waste like

  • Scrap Computer
  • Electronic Appliances
  • Stabilizers
  • CVT
  • UPS, etc.


If you want to start e-waste recycling business then the first you have to reduce the weight of the waste using the weighing machine. The you have to sort the e-waste from each other according to it type like hard plastic, soft plastic, metals like copper, iron, aluminium, etc. Then you have to dismantle and disassemble the parts so that they can be separated.

The removed storage devices like hard disks are destroyed using the destroyed machine. Then all the non-usable and non-dismountable parts undergoes the process of shredding, grinding, or crunching using the shredder, grinder or crusher. The last process if the final sorting of all the e-waste to pack the final products and sell them in the market in the form of plastic scraps and metal scraps.

Area Requirement

To start this business, you will required a land of approx. 5000 Sq.ft. Out of which 4000 Sq.ft of land will include raw materials section, final products section and office area.

Power Requirement

If you want to start this business on a small scale, then you will required a load of approx. 20 kW of power for all the machineries. The actual figure can vary according to the machine type like fully automatic or semi automatic. Fully automatic machines will require more load than semi automatic machines.


To start e-waste recycling business, you need 8 to 10 workers for the smooth functioning of the plant which include operators, skilled, unskilled, admin and sales manager.

Investment and profit margin

If we talk about the investment, then the cost of all the machineries you need to setup e-waste recycling plant is 23 lakhs rupees plus GST. The investment is huge if you want to setup large plant with high capacity. You can also start this business in your local area to sell the plastic and metal scraps to any industries.

You can do sales of 8 to 10 lakhs rupees, if you are working on the 100% capacity daily for 8 hours of shift. From this sales number, you can easily earn 1.6 to 2 lakhs rupees of daily income after deducting expense like admin, raw materials and other things. All this figures can increase or decrease according to your sales, capacity and plant size.

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