How to Start Paper Napkin Business in India?

You must be aware of the fact that, the demand for the paper napkin is increasing day by day. There is a good consumption of paper napkin in Restaurants, Hotels, Home and office. Due to the increase in the demand, in this article we will discuss about how to start paper napkin business in India.

Types of paper napkin machines

There are two standard type of machines which are

Single colour single embossing machine

As the name suggest, It means single colour printing and your product will have single embossing unit.

Double colour double embossing machine

In this machine, your printing unit will be double. As of the single colour, one more unit will be mould on the top on which you can do double colour. The first colour will print on the first unit and then it will go to the second unit to print the second one and goes to embossing. You must keep in mind the fact that in double colour double embossing machine, when one of the embossing machine is working then the other will remain off.

Raw materials used for paper napkin manufacturing business

To make paper napkin, two types of raw materials are used

  • Hard paper
  • Soft paper

You will get the raw materials in the form of jumbo rolls of weights 50 to 110 Kg. You get buy these paper from any major cities. Especially, there are many suppliers available in Delhi.

Market value of tissue paper

The cost of hard paper in market is approx. 62 – 64 rupees per kg and the cost of soft paper is approx. 72- 25 per kg. The cost of these papers also depends on the branding and the company from which you are buying.

Need of the paper tissue manufacturing industry

As the unemployment rate is increasing, this idea is best for the youths of the country who dream to become the entrepreneur. The investment to start this business is low. You don’t require any special training to operate the machinery. Anyone with the basic knowledge can run this business easily.

The profit margin is also high so you don’t need to worry about profits. If you want to save the cost of tissue paper for your hotels, restaurants and offices, then you can run the machinery by yourselves. There are many big clients which run the machine to save the cost. Initial training will be provided by the industries to smoothly run the operation.

Land requirement to setup the machinery

To establish this factory, you need an area of 300 to 400 sq ft. The size of the paper napkin manufacturing machine is approx. 15 ft * 4 ft. Some extra space is required to store the raw materials and the final products. You can setup these machinery anywhere in the cities or small villages.

To get low cost labour, you can setup the plant in the villages and then transport them to the big cities. Some plants are running in rural areas because you the costing to produce the final product will be less. As the manufacturing cost and the base cost will be less in villages. So paper napkin business manufacturing plan is the best startup idea if you want to start your own business at low cost.

Electricity requirement

The load required of paper napkin making machine is 3 KW. If you are continuous using the machine to make paper napkin, then 3 unit of electricity will burn in 1 hour of duration.


You just require three employees per paper napkin machine. There work is to package, brand and seal the boxes of the napkins.

Machine Capacity

By using paper napkin manufacturing machine unit, you can make 25000 pieces of plain napkin or 23000 to 24000 pieces of printed napkins. If you are running the plant for 8 hours a day, then you can make at least two lakhs pieces per day.

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Cost of machine

The cost of single colour single embossing machine in market is approx. 4.5 lakhs per GST.

The cost of double colour double embossing machine in market is approx. 5.5 lakhs per GST.

Cost of machine maintenance

Paper napkin manufacturing machine is a fully automated machine. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for its maintenance. You can take the care of the machine easily by giving proper oiling and greasing regularly.

How to supply paper napkins to D Mart?

You can supply paper napkins to D mart using the link

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