How to start Green Chilli Pickle Making Business?

In this article, we will discuss all the factors you must consider to start green chilli pickle making business. When we talk about the green chilli, it the basic need for every home. Everybody use green chilli in their daily life and constantly intake products made from chilli like pickle and powder. Any part of the country, let it be north or south, chilli has made its place in every Indian kitchen. Chilli are the important item which is consumed in our food from thousands of years. If you love the sour and spicy mixture with your food then green chilli pickle is the key ingredient for you.

Chilli are among the most important commercial crop which is cultivated in every country of the world. There are more than 400 species of chilli available worldwide but green chilli is an important source of vitamin A and E and known for the properties to make your body immune from different virus and fit for daily activities.

Demand of green chilli pickle business idea.

Throughout the world, Indian Chilli are known for its spicy taste and colour. It can be cultivated as kharif and rabi crops in all seasons. You must be surprised to know the fact that India is the largest supplier of chilli as well as the largest consumer. To give the chilli a longer life, many Indian species and salt are added to preserve and make into pickle form. Green chilli pickle is one of the main item which can be found in all Indian food plate. Pickle give a special taste and make it very tasty to all food which is sometimes tasteless to eat.

Due to its spicy taste and colour, the green chilli pickle are sold in house, restaurateurs, hostels, hotels in large quantities. The demand for this product is high in domestic as well as in international market. Due to its increasing demand and low competition on many parts of the country, starting green chilli pickle making business can be very profitable idea for your entrepreneur journey.

Raw materials needed

To start the green chilli making business, you don’t need a large number of raw materials. You just need the following products given below.

  • Mustard Oil
  • Spices
  • Green Chilli
  • Flavouring
  • Seasoning

Process of making green chilli pickle

You can buy green chilli easily from the local market or directly from the farmers. First, you have to wash the chillies thoroughly to remove all the dirt and soil particles. You can wash it with water and no chemical. After the washing process, healthy chillies are sorted with the bad once to improve the taste and quality.

Next step is to remove the stems of the chillies using the machine. When the stems are removed from the chillies, it is put into the blanching machine to neutralise the natural enzymes which are present on the skin layer of the chillies using hot water.

To remove all the water present on the surface of the chillies, they are put into the dewatering machine. When they are dried completely, the next process is cutting, for which all the dried chillies goes through the cutting machine which makes the slices according to your commercial requirement and sizes.

Then you can put all the necessary ingredient according to the recipe and mix them well. To maintain the PH level, the chilli mixture is keep under the desired temperature to soak and go through the fermentation process for six to seven days. This PH level helps in the shelf life of the pickle.

After six to seven days, the sample is taken to laboratory to check all the required test. When all the process is done, the sample is passed to the packaging block to store the green chilli pickle into storage tanks. Then the final pickle is packaged in the UV sterling bottles to deliver them to your nearest stores.

Area required to start green chilli pickle making business

If you want to start the small scale green chilli pickle making business, then you require 1000 to 1200 sq ft of area.


You start this business with the help of seven to eight workers. From which two should be skilled labour and four to five unskilled labour are included in the count.

Investment and profitability

You can make the process of making green chilly pickle semi automated, which will boost your daily capacity. Using semi automated machines and to make 1000 bottles per day capacity plant, the investment required is approx. five to six lakhs which include production and machines cost. In the business of green chilli pickle making business, the profitability margin is approx. 20 to 25%.

Note:- All these figures depend on your daily capacity of the plant.

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Before starting this business, licence which are necessary for this are GST, UDYAM, FSSAI and trademark.


There are many schemes which are launched by UDYAM and government. For starting green chilli pickle making business, you can apply and take benefits from the government schemes like PMEGP, MUDRA and PM FME.

Some of the points you can take before taking the decision are:

  • Prices are affordable so everyone will buy your final product.
  • Taste is good and demand is increasing.
  • You can target pan India.
  • Reach with the help of locals promotions to tier 2, tier 3 and villages.

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