How to Start Soya Chunks Manufacturing Business?

The demand of the soya chunk is increasing in India due to its nutrient value. If you want to start soya chunks manufacturing business, then in this article you will get all the information like investment, process, raw materials, etc.

Soya chunk is also known as soya buddy in many parts of the country. It has high protein content and less cholesterol. Due to its high protein, it is used in all Indian homes, restaurants, hostels and hotels to make curry and other food items. If you are a vegetarian and need protein in your diet, then no other food can beat soya chunks.

Raw Materials

To start this business, you only need one raw materials i.e defatted soya flour. If you can directly sell them to the local retailers or pack them according to the weights. For packaging materials, you will need packaging boxes and plastic wraps.


First, you have to buy the soyabeans from the local market or directly from the farmers and transported to the factory using trucks and vans. All the beans are first sorted according to the quality and passed to the processing machines using conveyors, elevators and escalators.

Then the nutritional value of the soyabeans are found out and store in the big conveyors for the next process. In cleaning section, all the impurities like sand, flowers, sticks, leaves, stones, etc, are removed. Then the oil from the soyabean is removed using the solvent extraction method.

When the oil is completely removed from the beans, the defatted like residue is converted into flakes using the thermal vacuum drying method. Then after the milling and purification process, soya flour is made from the residue. Defatted soya flour is mixed with water and other additive to flour mixer.

Using extruder and inbuilt cutter, soya chunks are given their shape and sizes. These chunks are dried using the dryers. Now, your product is ready to package using the packaging machine and sell them in the market.

Area Requirement

If you want to start a small scale business, then you can start with approx. 3000 Sq.ft of area. The project area of large scale business plant in India varies from 25000 Sq.ft of area.

Plants and Machineries

To start soya chunk manufacturing business, the total cost of the 200 Kg per hour small scale semi-automatic plant and machineries will be approx. 16 lakhs plus GST. Whereas the cost of large scale semi-automatic plant will be 3.5 crore plus GST. Some of the machines and equipment which you will need are:

  • Conveyors
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Thermal vacuum dryer
  • Solvent extractor
  • Extruder with inbuilt cutter
  • Dryers
  • Electrical Installation
  • Power Panels
  • DG sets
  • Furniture and Fixtures for office

Electricity Requirement

To start this business, the total amount of electricity requirement for small scale business is 30 to 40 kW of load. For large scale fully automatic plant the number will be approx. 500 kW of load.


Most of the machines in this business are semi-automatic or fully-automatic. So you will require approx. 7 to 8 manpower which include operator, skilled and unskilled labours.

Expected Monthly Turnover

If we talk about the monthly turnover, then running a plant with 100% capacity and using semi automatic machineries in daily 8 hours of shift. You can easily sales for six to seven lakhs of products.

Expected Monthly Profits

After deducting sales and managerial expenses, then you can easily earn 1 lakhs to 1.2 lakhs per month of profits. All these figures, depends on the number of sales and expenses of your plant.

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  • GST
  • Factory License
  • NOC from Fire and Pollution Board Department
  • Trademark


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