How to Start Poly House Farming Manufacturing Business?

Poly house is the agricultural technique to protect the crops. Plastic and polythene are used to cover the structure which make the cultivation of high value crop easy. The poly house is increasing its popularity and demand in many parts of country. Farmers are using this technique to cultivate high rates crops to maximise their profits.

Using the poly house techniques, you can cultivate the seasonal crop before the time and sell them to the market to gain high profits and crop rates. The total investment which is required to make the poly house, our government are giving 50% of the money back in your account as per various schemes.

Farmers are using new technique to do farming and cultivating many crops which can give them high profits. One of the method most of the farmers are using is poly house farming technique. Using poly house, the yielding capacity and nutrients increases and provide new way of income to farmers and their family.

You can even grow fruits and vegetables which are not available throughout the year using poly house. If you are providing all the structure of the poly house to the farmers at low cost then your plan to start the poly house farming manufacturing business will give you very high profits and future.

In poly house, you have to take the proper care of the environment inside it. Some of the conditions you have to monitor are Temperature, Moisture, Humidity, Light Intensity, Ventilation, Disease Control, Irrigation, and Fertiliser. If you get the conditions check, then you can accept the good crop.


To start poly house farming manufacturing business, you need an area of 500 to 4000 Square meter. The area can be changed according to the land the farmer have and the investment. You can have various range of prise for different square meter of land.

Things required to start poly house manufacturing business

In NVPH (Natural Ventilated Poly House), you can grow any off season plant to earn more money and profits. You can grow winter season plants like cucumber in off season like summer and rainy easily using poly house. During off season, farmers get high costs and profits for plants which are not available during that season.


In poly house, plants are grown using the pot beds for the farmers. Farmers can give the pot beds to the poly house so as to grow their plant in it. Then the small plants will be taken and grown on their fields.

Let us see, how plants are grown in pot beds in poly house.

Seeds are first put in the pot beds which is filled with coco pit and water properly. When the Seedling are of the proper heights, they can be taken using the pluck method and put directly in their fields. Cocopit are used to grow and maintain the roots of the plant. The cocopit is free from any soil bound disease as it is artificial media and sterilize.

To maintain the temperature, you have to use exhaust fans, cooling pads and internal fans to maintain the air circulation proper to all plants. For irrigation, you can use sprinkle system to give proper irrigation to all seedling uniformly.

In Poly house, the best plants to grow are flowers plants like Rose, Jasmine, and Marigold. The production of the plants which are grown in the poly house is more than that of the plants grown in the fields. You can grow the climbing plants (Vel plants) using the brass and supports.

Points you need to remember while starting poly house farming business

There are many points which you must remember to keep your crop healthy and free from any disease.

Let us know, the organic fertilizers and compost used to put in the plants in the poly house. The fertilizers are mixed with the water and the pour them on the plants. To maintain the proper flowing of water and water soluble fertilizers, you have to make irrigation control room and filter system like gravel filters and grease filters.

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Schemes and Subsidy

You can get up to 50% subsidy on poly house by the government.

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