How to Start Candy Manufacturing Business and Plan?

There are many fruits which we like to eat during there harvesting season. But when we have the carving in the off season then nothing can beat the fruit taste candy. When you go to the grocery shops and check the flavours of your favorite candies, you get a variety of flavours and out of which chocolate and strawberry flavoured candies are the most popular once.

If you want to start candy manufacturing business then there are many things which you have to keep in mind before starting the business. In this article, we will try to give information on investment, machineries, profit, area, manpower, and many more. You can also add new flavours to try to bring in the market.

Raw materials

If you have decided to start candy manufacturing business then lets know the raw materials required. You don’t require a lot of raw materials to start this business. There are many business who keeps their candy making recipe a secret. You can try all the videos present on the YouTube and then decide your recipe. The common raw materials which you will require are:

  • Sugar
  • Liquid Glucose Syrup
  • Citric acid
  • Flavours (Concentrated Syrup of the flavours like Chocolate, Mango, Strawberry, etc.)

Area Requirement

If you have the required investment then the second most important factor is the area required for the complete setup of the factory and the place where it is setup. The area of the plant depend upon the capacity of the business you have decided. If you want to start small scale business and with the help of semi automated machineries then the area requirement will be 4000 to 5000 Sq.ft.

You will need this area to store your raw materials, machineries of production and packaging, final product storage and office area. Please remember the area also depends on the project size and the capacity of the plant.


Lets know the complete process to make any candies you want. The basic process is very easy and don’t require a lot of manual work if you have the semi-automatic machineries. First step is to generate the steam using the boilers. Then the primary raw materials like Sugar, Flavouring Syrup, Glucose Syrup and the secret ingredient are added in the vacuum cooker.

Vacuum cooker cook all the mixture using steam which was generated by the boiler. Then the mixture is put on the cooling table for the cooling of the mixture. Then the sugar powder and the critic acid is added with the mixture to manually knite the mixture.

When the mass is ready then it is feed to the batch former. From here the mixture is rolled and passed to the rope sizer machine where the mixture gets its candy shape. Then it is feed to the candy dye forming machine where the small candy is pressed and form the shape of the candy.

Now, using the cooling conveyor belt, the candies are cooled down to the room temperature from where they are passed to the packaging unit. The packaging machine packs the candy and now it is ready to sell in the market.

Machines and Equipment

If you know the process, its time to know the machineries and equipment needed to start candy manufacturing business plan in India. We all know that to start any business, machines are very important and to start this candy business, some of the machineries which you required are:

  • Boiler System
  • Vacuum Cooker
  • Cooling Table
  • Candy Batch Former
  • Rope Sizer
  • Candy Moulding Machine
  • Cooling Conveyor
  • Candy Packaging Machine

Other Equipment include:

  • Pan
  • Trays
  • Kitchen Tools

Investment Requirement and Profitability

In every business, many people can’t determine the exact investment requirement and the profit margin so they have to face many issues later on. In this business, the total investment depends upon many factors like how much daily capacity you want for your plant? i.e small or large scale business.

For small scale business, you need approx. 34 to 38 Lakhs Rupees for all machineries and other expenses. The capacity of this cost plant with semi automated machineries will be approx. 80 Kg per hour and you can easily achieve a gross profit margin of 18 to 20 percentage from small scale candy manufacturing business plant.

Electricity Requirement

If we talk about the electricity requirement then you will require a minimum of 30 to 35 kW three phase connection.


To start candy manufacturing business in India, you require atleast 8 to 10 workers which are skilled, unskilled, technician, accountant and other workers.

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  • Standup India
  • PM FME


  • GST
  • Factory License
  • NOC from Fire Safety and Pollution Control Board

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