How to Start Fish Farming Business and Training in India?

If we want a simple business idea which you can start in low investment and earn high profits then you can start fish farming business in India. In this article, lets know the basic information you need to start fish farming business and training like investment, raw materials, process and profit margin in selling the local fish in the market to the customers or the retailers.

In India, fish farming business is increasing rapidly. More than 15 million people are working and earning handsomely from this business. Fish food items are very tasty and are rich in proteins and vitamins due to which citizens of India has included fish items in their daily food routine. The demand of fish is constantly increasing in the local as well as international markets.

India is ranked fourth in the exporter of fish in the world. In such conditions, starting fish farming business and training in your local area can be very profitable business. Due to this, in this article you will get all the basic information on How to start fish farming business in India?

Raw Materials

To start this business, the raw materials you will need are:

  • Fingers of Fish (Anguli Kai)
  • Fish Feeds
  • Medicines


If you are planning to start this farming business, then the important factor which you require is land. Selecting the area for the pond is the crucial step to increase the chances of profitability. For fish farming business, you have to select a land which is more water holding capacity and the soil PH level should not be acidic or alkaline. The best PH value for fish farming business is 7 to 8 level.

You should make pond on the lower parts of the land where water level is for eight to nine month throughout the year. Pond should not be close to flood prone region. If you want to do fish farming business in pond which is available in nature then the important step is to remove all the unwanted water weeds and other fishes which can eat your commercial fishes.

The second most important thing in the Fish farming is the right kind of water. The pond water should be tested regularly at the interval of three to four days. You have to clean the water to make the proper condition for all the fishes living in the pond.

Cow dung increases the natural availability of the fish food in the pond. If you want to start fish farming business, then make sure to use cow dung in the pond before 20 to 25 days of fish seed incubation in the ratio of 20 Quintal per hectare.

The selection of fish are done from the locality and the need in the market. In India, three types of fish are very popular for fish farming business and the names are Katla, Rohu and Miragal. These fish have the highest farming in India.

Fish Food

As daily food, fish are given many local things which are abundantly available in the market like sarso ki khali (Mustard cake), Gehu ka chokar (Wheat Bran), Vegetables, etc. When the growth of the fish is good then you can harvest them and sell in the market.

Area Requirement

If we talk about the area, if you want to start fish farming business, then you will require a minimum of one acre of pond. You can divide the area like

Nursery Pond- 5%

Breeding Pond- 20%

Biomass Gain and Production Pond- 70%

Inventory- 2% to 5%

Equipment requirements

The cost of equipment which you will required in the fish farming business is approx. two lakhs Rupees. The list of the important and basic equipment are as follow:

  • Water Pumps
  • Nets
  • Water Purifier
  • Oxygenation of Water Equipment
  • Thermometer
  • BOD meter
  • Electrical Installation
  • Generators

Power Requirement

You can start this business with the power load of 6 kW to 10 kW.


You will need four to five manpower because you don’t have any machines involved in this business.

Expected Monthly Turnover

Fish farming business is a high profitability business but it also depends on the monthly sales of your business. You can earn approx. 50,000 to 60,000 per month if you start small scale fish farming business in your village. All the factors depend on the market rate and sales.

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There are many schemes like Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana, which are applied by the government to promote the fish farming sectors. So the government is investing 5000 crore in this sector to grow this business so you don’t have to waste your time in researching about the invest and profitability.


Anyone who have their own land or have land on lease can start fish farming business in India. The only step is to visit and contact the fisheries office (मत्स्यव्यवसाय विभाग) with the land documents where you will get all the information by the officials. You can also get fish seed to start this business from the office in cheap rates.

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