How to Start Soya Paneer Business Plan, Profits and Report?

If you want to start your small scale business in the growing sector, then in this article, we will tell you the one business idea which can give you income throughout the year. The product is rich in calcium and protein which can be used by any users everyday to get the unlimited source of calcium and protein. We are talking about Tofu or Soya Paneer Business plan, profits and report.

About soya paneer

Soya Paneer is made of soya milk. The demand for soya paneer is increasing now a days because it good for your health. Doctors recommend to give soya paneer to patients as the nutrients inside the paneer help the recovery process. People who go to gym and need constant source of protein can also take soya paneer to meet all their protein and calcium requirements for their body building.

Advantages and disadvantages of soy paneer

If we talk about the nutrient content, Soya paneer is similar to the nutrients as that of milk paneer. One advantage of soya paneer is that people who are intolerant to lactic acid i.e they can’t digest the products made from milk like cheese, paneer, curd, etc. can also enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of eating paneer.

The only disadvantage of soy paneer is it high protein level. You have to very strict in following the quantity you intake everyday.

Demand of soya paneer in India

In this business, you can make high profits if you follow all the procedure and do creative marketing of your products. You can sell the products with the labelling and trademark to look like a new brand.

Area requirement to start soya paneer making business

To start this business, you will require atleast the area of approx. 1500 to 2000 Sqft of land. Most of the land will covered by the machineries, Raw materials and final product storage unit. Area will be variable according to the capacity, size and number of machine in your plant.

Machinery and Equipment

In this business, you require less number of machine and tools when compared to other business. Some of the machineries are:

  • Soyabean Soaking and Washing Machine
  • Grinding and Separating Machine
  • Soymilk Cooking Machine
  • Boiler System
  • Paneer and Cheese Press
  • Packaging Machine and Freezer

Raw materials

To start any kind of business, the two most important factors are the raw materials and the packaging. The raw materials which is required in soya milk making business are Soyabean, Coagulant and RO water. If you want to make and process RO water, then you will require water filtration plant.

For packaging of food products, you will need food grade packaging plastic and box.

Process of making soya paneer in business

First, you have to buy soyabean from the local market and then clean them throughout and let them dry in the sunlight for few hours. The next step is to putting the beans to the Soyabean Soaking and Washing Machine. Here the soyabeans are soaked in warm water so that they absorb some water which makes the furthur process easier.

Then the soaked beans are mixed with RO water and grind in the grinding machine. This machine also separate soy milk and the residue. This milk gets stores in tank from where it is transferred to the soy milk cooking machine. Boiler give steam to the milk which boils it to the 100 degree Celsius so that the temperature kill all the bacteria and stop the enzymatic activity inside of the soya milk. The milk is then poured out from the boiler and let it cool.

After the cooling, the coagulate is added with the milk so the process undergoes curding of milk. When the milk gets the curding process, then the milk solids are separated manually with the water using a cloth to remove the excess water. Then using the paneer press, the coagulated mass it pressed and compress to give it the shape of paneer block.

You can cut the blocks manually as per size and weights and passed through the packaging unit. When the packaging is done, they final products are then stored in the freezer for longer lasting. You can supply the soy paneer to market as per requirement using cold chains.

Power Requirement

If you are starting a small scale business plant, then you will require electricity load of approx. 12 to 15 kW.


You can start the soya paneer business plan with 8 to 9 workers which include skilled, unskilled, supervisor, and other workers

Investment and profit margin

Lets know the main points which is the backbone of any business i.e investment and profit margin. To start soya paneer business in small scale and with semi automatic plant, the cost of all the machineries and equipment will be 10 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs Rupees for 200 Kg per day rated production capacity. The profit margin in this business is 18 to 20% of net profits. All the value depend upon the capacity, man power and area of the plant.


  • GST
  • TradeMark
  • NOC from Fire Safety and Pollution Control Board


  • PM FME
  • Standup India


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Can you make paneer from soya milk?

Yes, you can make paneer from soya milk. The process of making soya paneer is given in the article above.

Can we eat soya paneer daily?

Yes, you can eat soya paneer daily but make sure to ask nutritionist before consuming the quantity of paneer.

Where to sell soya paneer?

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