An In-Depth Look at Kacmun: The Prestigious Korean American Model UN Conference

The Kacmun Korean American Model United Nations (KAMUN) conference is a prestigious high school Model UN event held annually in Seoul, South Korea. Over the past decade, it has grown tremendously in size, stature and level of competition.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Kacmun – from its history and significance to its structure, awards and tips for preparation.

Overview of Kacmun

Kacmun is a 3-day Model UN conference held every March in Seoul. It is organized and run entirely by the student Kacmun team from the KAC International School.

The conference simulates the United Nations and its various bodies. High school students from schools across Korea, China, India and other parts of Asia role-play as delegates of UN member states. They debate and negotiate solutions to pressing global issues.

Kacmun was first held in 2011 with only 30 delegates participating. It has now grown to over 1000 delegates from more than 100 top schools across Asia.

There are two concurrent Kacmun conferences based on experience level:

  • Kacmun Senior – for advanced high school students
  • Kacmun Junior – for middle school students

Through Kacmun, students gain invaluable exposure to diplomacy, geopolitics, public speaking, and international relations. For many international schools in the region, preparing for Kacmun is the pinnacle of their Model UN calendar.

Significance and Focus of Kacmun

There are four key factors that make Kacmun so significant:


Kacmun is regarded as one of the most prestigious high-level Model UN conferences in Asia, on par with the top conferences in the USA and Europe. Being selected as a Kacmun delegate is a huge achievement and honor.


With only 180 delegate spots per committee, Kacmun is intensely competitive. Students have to go through rigorous tryouts, research, practice, and preparation to succeed at Kacmun. The level of competition is exceptional.

Global Issues Focus

The committees and agenda at Kacmun focus on highly substantive real-world issues like economic crises, terrorism, human rights, disarmament, and international diplomacy. The depth of research and debate stands out at Kacmun.


For top schools in Asia seeking high-level MUN experience, Kacmun provides an opportunity to compete against the best talent in the region and make connections. It serves as a stepping stone to global MUN conferences.

The prestige, challenge, and substantive nature of debate make Kacmun a must-attend event for ambitious Model UN students in Asia looking to take their skills to the next level.

Kacmun Committees and Awards

Kacmun features a diverse range of UN committees and bodies that delegates can represent:

  • United Nations Security Council (UNSC)
  • United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)
  • Historical crisis councils simulating bodies like the League of Nations
  • Non-UN regional bodies like the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  • UN specialized agencies like the World Health Organization (WHO)

Delegates compete for a range of individual and team awards at Kacmun, including:

  • Best Delegate – For the top individual delegate in each committee
  • High Commendation – For delegates who excel during sessions
  • Best Position Paper – For delegates who submit exemplary pre-conference papers
  • Best Large Delegation – The top prize for the school with the most collective awards

The competition for the Best Large Delegation is especially intense between the top international schools attending Kacmun each year.

Preparing for Success at Kacmun

Here are some key tips for students looking to maximize their success at the Kacmun conference:

Extensive Research

  • Spend time thoroughly researching your country’s policies, stance, and past actions relating to the issues on your committee’s agenda. Having in-depth knowledge is vital.

Public Speaking Practice

  • Improve speech clarity, structure, persuasiveness, and ability to think quickly through continuous practice speeches and sessions.

Quality Position Papers

  • These pre-conference position papers demonstrate your research and arguments. Winning a Best Position Paper award can set you apart.

Team Strategy

  • Coordinate with your teammates to determine how to best collaborate, share information, and support each other’s individual success during committee sessions.

Moderator Feedback

  • Kacmun instructors and previous delegates can provide invaluable advice on improving your skills and chances of success. Actively seek their input.

With intensive preparation using the right strategies, students can really amplify their chances of standing out at Kacmun and gaining invaluable skills.

Inside a Kacmun Conference

To understand the intensity and competitiveness of Kacmun, it helps to look inside a typical conference:


  • Delegates arrive early to claim their country’s seat in the grand assembly hall and start networking with other delegates. First impressions begin here.


  • Students actively introduce themselves, establish connections, get acquainted, and start initial idea discussions with those seated around them from the start.

Passionate Speeches

  • When debate formally starts, the energy is palpable. Passionate opening speeches instantly signal which delegates stand out.

Substantive Debate

  • Whether discussing poverty in Africa or nuclear disarmament, the depth of research and substantive arguments is beyond most high school conferences.


  • In unmoderated sessions, delegates actively collaborate negotiating draft resolutions and finding compromise solutions.


  • Kacmun teams support each other with notes, research, suggestions, and encouragement throughout formal and informal interactions.

From arrival to the closing ceremony, Kacmun facilitates intensive competition, substantive debate, and invaluable exposure for Asian students seeking to maximize their potential and skills before graduating high school.

The Road to Kacmun: Preparation Timeline

succeeding at the intense Kacmun conference takes months of advance preparation:

6 Months Before

Delegate selection – Schools select their team through competitive tryouts assessing public speaking skills, knowledge, and potential.

5 Months Before

Research starts – Delegates are assigned countries and committees and begin in-depth research on policy, issues, and procedure.

4 Months Before

Practice sessions – Delegates start weekly practice debates to hone public speaking and debating skills.

3 Months Before

Position paper drafting – Delegates start writing their pre-conference position papers to submit to judges.

2 Months Before

Conference polishing – Focus turns to polished speeches, collaborating with teammates, and finalizing country strategy.

1 Month Before

Instructor feedback – Delegates take part in conference simulations to gain feedback from instructors on areas needing improvement.

The preparation journey requires dedication but maximizes students’ potential for success.

Why Kacmun Matters for Asian Students

There are several key reasons the intense Kacmun experience proves invaluable for driven Asian high school students:

Spotlight on Potential

The challenge of Kacmun draws out students’ full potential. The intensive preparation process pushes them to levels they didn’t know they could reach.

Global Perspectives

As students roleplay foreign diplomats at Kacmun, they gain exposure to diverse global cultures, policies, and ideas. This builds global citizenship.

Leadership Foundation

The research, public speaking, collaboration, and strategy development needed builds a foundation for future leadership roles.

College Readiness

Kacmun develops skills like critical thinking, persuasion, and poise under pressure that prepare students for competitive university environments.

Growth in Confidence

Mastering the pressures of Kacmun builds immense student confidence in themselves as they realize their full capabilities.

For driven students, the lessons and growth generated by the intensity of Kacmun helps propel their trajectories for future success. The benefits last far beyond high school.


Over a short decade, the Kacmun Korean American Model UN conference has rapidly evolved into one of the most prestigious and competitive Model UN events on the high school calendar in Asia.

The depth of research, talent level, and intensive preparation required to succeed at Kacmun sets it apart. For leading international schools and students seeking the pinnacle of substantial, high-level MUN debate, Kacmun represents the gold standard.

The experience gained at Kacmun gives students invaluable exposure to international diplomacy and equips them with critical thinking, public speaking, and leadership abilities that provide lifetime benefits.

For Asian students dedicated to maximizing their potential and hungry for a challenging, high-level MUN experience, Kacmun delivers an unmatched simulation opportunity. The lessons students master at Kacmun allow them to reach new heights and prepare them for future success in college and beyond.

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