How to Start Offset Printing Business in India?

Today’s world is full of advertising. You can see advertising in all places and at every shop or supermarkets to attracts more and more customers. In this article, we will explain all the things required to start offset printing business in your area like the machineries requirement, investment and expected monthly profits.

As the business are growing in India, the demand of the offset printing for their business is also growing. From beginning, industries like newspaper industry, advertising industries, construction industries, etc need offset printing to advertise their business, print credit cards, notebooks, calendar, etc in large quantity.

Offset printing business demand in India

When a new event starts, the first thing is the advertisement like in newspaper and distribution of pamphlet in various location like malls, supermarkets, local stations, etc. In simple words, offset printing is a type of printing work which is used to print many type of prints like Newspaper, Books, Bill books, Forms, Magazines, etc.

The main advantage of offset printing is that it is very fast and can print 1000 to 10000 copies at the same time. Advertisement is very important for any business. In rural regions, the main advertising channel remains the same as the offline medias like newspaper, pamphlets, etc.

Raw Materials

To start this business you need basic raw materials like different kinds of Ink powders and type of paper rolls. If you want to start a single type offset printing like just books or newspaper then you can choose the type of paper as per your requirement. The last thing you will require is shrink wrap lamination sheets.

Process of offset printing

First of all, you have to decide the content which you want to print for the offset printing. Once the information is decided, then it is given to the computer which print off on the plastic plates or on the aluminium sheets using the big exposing machine. Then the colour ink powder is feed to the basin ranks of the master cylinder and water to the tank of the base roll.

In this type of printing, the ink comes to the surface on which the printing is done and the surface where the printing is not done comes the layer of water. In this way, the content which is printed on the plate imprints. Ink and water also adhere on both the plates.

After this, the machine is started. Some time later, the ink comes to the plate cylinder. Plate cylinder moves in the contact of the rubber cylinder due to which the ink on the plate cylinder comes on the rubber cylinder. One more cylinder is attached to the rubber cylinder. The paper comes out from the between of the rubber cylinder and the attached cylinder. The images which comes on the rubber cylinder prints on the paper.

In this way, the printing can be done on the same size of the paper. If you want to different different colours on the paper then you have to repeat the process in the same way but with different ink colours. All the colours are printed using blue, red, yellow and black. In some big machines, all these colours are printed on the paper simultaneously.

Printed papers are then packed in the box or using the shrink wrap packaged in the carton and sell to the clients or directly to the market.

Area Requirement

To start offset printing business, you will need an land of approx. 1000 Sq.ft of area.

Machines and Equipment Cost

The cost of the semi-automatic plant on the small scale is approx. 6 lakhs plus GST. This figure is of the machineries excluding other expenses. If you want to start a large scale fully automatic plant, then you will need an approx. of 22 lakhs plus GST.

Additional Assets to Start Offset Printing Business

Apart from the above machineries, you will need extra assets like:

  • Electrical Installation
  • Power panels
  • DG sets
  • Furniture and fixture for offices

Power Requirement

To start this business on the small scale, you will need an approx. 5 kW of electricity for semi-automatic plant.


You can easily start this business with only 4 to 5 workers which include skilled, unskilled, admin and sales manager.

Expected Monthly Turnover and Profits

If you are running the semi automatic plant at the 100% capacity for 8 shift plant then you can make the sales of approx. 4 to 5 lakhs per month. The monthly profits in this type of business is approx. 18 to 20% of profit margin from the gross profits. You can easily save 60,000 to 70,000 after removing all the expenses like raw materials, factory expenses, etc.

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